Wehr’s Dam Family Session

Okay friends, so for those of you who live in PA will remember how HOT it was last week! Just because it is September and almost fall, does not mean it is pumpkin spice and bean boot weather here. Last week was a heat index of 100 degrees, with the humidity just about matching the heat. But to our surprise, last Thursday, right before the scheduled family session, the heat broke. Despite the impending rain and extreme humidity, Liz and Dwight buckled their little girls in the car, packed their stuff, and risked it for some awesome family photos. And I’m so glad they did! Despite the bugs and heat, the girls did awesome, and we were able to capture some great photos at Wehr’s Dam.

One of my favorite things is to take photos of friends and family. I LOVE meeting new clients and building new relationships, but there is also something super special about taking photos of people I already know. I have known Dwight and Liz since before they were married. I took their engagement photos, their wedding photos, maternity photos, birth photos, family photos, and now more family photos that their family is expanding! You think they would get sick of me telling them what to do from behind the camera, but I guess they must like me somewhat since they keep contacting me, right?!

Liz and Dwight, it has been so neat to see your family grow bigger and bigger each year! Savannah, Liz and Dwight’s oldest daughter, is 2 and is a ball of energy. To say she was interested in having her picture taken would be a lie. Tea parties and chasing my little sister was enough to keep her entertained. Bristol, on the other hand, is 1 and was just content to sit and smile for the camera. Anyone watching me during this session, surely would have thought I was crazy! But anything for that perfect shot, right?

Liz and Dwight, I hope you love these photos as much as I do! Thanks Dwight for taking time before the first Eagles game to “pose” for some photos. I know that was a big sacrifice, and I do appreciate it! The real MVP though goes to Liz! You are super-mom, and I hope one day I am half as good of a mom as you are. Dwight and Liz, keep loving your little girls, and I can’t wait to continue to take photos of your family in the future! (Also, do not hold me accountable for the many grammar errors that are in this blog post! I am 3 weeks into my pediatric rotation, and basically living off of coffee and naps!)



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