Blue Ridge Winery Engagement Session

This past Friday’s engagement session, was super magical from the moment I pulled up into my car. I arrived at Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery, and wanted to jump for joy when I saw what Tai and Jeff were wearing. I recently created an engagement session style guide, that I send to my clients before their engagement session. Tai and Jeff were the first couple I have shot that I have sent it to, and they blew me away! From Tai’s hair and makeup looking perfect, to Jeff looking dapper, I knew this was going to be an awesome session!

We then proceeded to go find the perfect place to begin shooting. We were all amazed when the owner said, “Follow me, I have the perfect spot for you guys to take photos.” Thinking he was leading us to a secret way to reach the vineyards, we excitedly followed him. To our amazement, he led us down to the basement, to this private room. This private room was breathtaking! It had a giant chandelier made out of wood and crystal, gorgeous furniture, and in the background was Lord of the Rings music playing. He proceeded to pour us glasses of wine, dimmed the lights, and said “Have fun!”

Once we all got over our amazement of what had just happened, the rest is history! I had such a fun time capturing some magical shots, that I think really captured the love between Tai and Jeff! I have not know Tai for very long-we work together-and I have never met Jeff, but spending 1.5 hours with them, I feel like we have been friends for a while! They are both such hard-working, caring people, and they are both naturals in front of the camera! Seriously you guys, they pretty much finished my sentences, from a photography standpoint. Thanks Tai and Jeff for making my job so easy, and I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from your engagement session!


  1. Taina's Mom says:

    Love the pictures..they are really really great..your recommended style guide was good..i dont live in Pa but if i know anyone up north who needs a photographer i will recommend you..good job..great pictures

    • Liz Waterman says:

      Thanks so much! They were so fun to work with! It is always a joy getting to photograph an engagement session, especially for someone I know!

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