Allentown, PA Senior session

Humid and rainy. If I had to pick any two words to describe this summer of 2018, it would be those two words. Looking at this photo above, you would never believe we have had incredibly hot days, followed by straight weeks of rain. This summer has been such weird weather, but super thankful that that has not prevented some really awesome shoots to happen.

This past Monday night, my younger sister Rebekah and I, decided to brave the weather and attempt to do her senior photos. Earlier on in the day, it was rainy buckets and buckets of water, but I was optimistic. And thankfully, it did not rain, and we even got a little sunshine, creating the perfect golden hour lighting.

Not pictured in these photos though, is the ankle deep mud that we had to trudge through. I normally wear a cute dress while doing sessions, but tonight I was SO glad I wore a t-shirt, running shorts, and old navy flip flops. At one point, I had to get my other little sister to come rescue my shoes that were trapped in the mud!

My younger sister-who for those who know her-is a true gem. She has such a heart for people, and always puts others needs above her own. Rebekah, also known as Bitty, is approaching her senior year of high school. She enjoys cooking, cleaning, gardening, reading, and spending time with her family. The past three years, she has spent her summers serving at Victory Valley Camp. Currently, she is interested in getting her certification to become an EMT, and is hoping to one day go for nursing! I am beyond proud to call Bitty my little sister, and I was more than honored to do her senior photos.

Bitty, you are stunning, inside and out. One thing I love about you, is how Christ shines through all you do. You never hesitate to make people feel loved and at home, and you never cease to share the gospel with everyone you meet. I am so proud of you, and excited that you want to be a nurse! Keep up the good work, and never stop pursuing the Lord!

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