Lancaster Maternity Session

Happy Tuesday friends! It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through April! If you live in the Northeast like me, then you may agree that it still feels too cold for April..between the rain and the cold, I am afraid we will have a repeat of last summer. Anyway, this blog post is extra exciting for me because it is about family! Back in 2018, my oldest brother Josh married Cassie, the love of his life! It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding in June! And it was extra special for me, because I was in the bridal party. Anyway, fast-forward to fall of 2021, and Josh and Cassie bought a house in Lancaster. They spent the first few years of their marriage in an apartment in downtown Lancaster (which may be one of my favorite cities). With Josh working fully remote since COVID, they were ready to have more space in a house of their own.

In November 2021, Eric and I were in Lancaster to see a show at Sight and Sound. Josh and Cassie’s new house was only about 35 minutes away, so we stopped by before the show. Since they had moved in a few weeks prior, we got the tour. I was impressed at the amount of stuff they already had unpacked. As we entered the last bedroom, I noticed a huge bear with an ultrasound photo on the floor. I did a double take. My older sister Abby was pregnant at the time, but so far no one else in the family was. Filled with emotion, I screamed and started jumping up and down as I realized what it meant. Eric did not notice the photo and his thought was, “Wow, that’s a cool bear..”

The past few months have been exciting for all of us watching Josh and Cassie prepare for being first-time parents! Since they decided to not find out the gender until birth, we are all eagerly guessing what gender the baby is. I think it is a girl, although I seem to be outnumbered by those who think it is a boy. Josh and Cassie, we love you so much, and are so excited for you two to be parents! We are so excited to meet the little nugget in June 2022!


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