Mount Equinox Portrait Session

Happy Thursday friends! It’s so hard to believe that it’s only a week until Thanksgiving! Anyone else still feel like it’s November 1st? Anyway, this past month has been kind of crazy for us once again! This week we celebrated two years of marriage, a few weeks ago we got a puppy, and last month I celebrated my 26 birthday (I know, I look like I just turned 20). For my birthday last year, we had the opportunity to travel to Maine for a few days! It was a wonderful trip and I would love to go back.

This year, we decided to stay a little closer to home. Our original plan was for us to go up to Whiteface Mountain with our good friends Wil and Victoria. We wanted good views without having to put the effort in. But a week before my birthday, Whiteface closed for the season. After talking to my friend Mackenzie, we realized that we could get great views up at Mount Equinox in Vermont! As you may have guessed, the weather was predicting rain, but we crossed our fingers and hopped in the car! And boy was it worth it! After spending a few hours exploring this amazing mountain, we headed back down into Manchester for some sight-seeing and dinner.

One purpose for finding a place with great views, was to take pictures! Wil and Victoria have become great friends of ours, and they also have modeled for us before! I also selfishly was hoping to get a good photo or two for our Christmas card! The fall foliage in upstate NY, Vermont, and Maine is stunning. If you’ve never had photos done in the fall, then book you session asap for next fall! An additional perk of the day was running into my friend Mackenzie, her mom, and her kids at the top of Mount Equinox! I’ve never been serenaded on my birthday at the top of a mountain before!

Enjoy these photos that capture the memories of such a wonderful day!



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