Five Rivers Family Session

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! It is so hard to believe that we are more than a week into November already! I also still haven’t processed that we turned the clocks back. I love the extra hour of sleep, but hate the extra darkness that comes along with it. Anyway, last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Biz, her husband Ryan, and their three boys! Biz is a labor and delivery nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital. I have experience in almost every area of nursing except pediatrics and labor and delivery. I am fully confident that those two areas of nursing are not my cup of tea, so I have so much respect for nurses who love those fields of nursing!

Biz and Ryan have been married for ten years and they have three adorable boys! As someone who has six brothers, I know raising boys is not easy. But Ryan and Biz, you both make it look so easy! Last Tuesday we met up at Five Rivers in Delmar, which is an awesome location with so much variety! From wooded areas, to fields, to a pond, there are endless photo opportunities! An additional bonus was the fact that we basically had the place to ourselves!

But I think we all can agree that the MVP of the day was Lisa. Lisa is Ryan’s mom, and she came along to help out. If you have scheduled a family session with me, then you know that I always suggest to bring someone extra along who can give the kids break, providing an opportunity for me to get some nice portraits of just mom and dad. Lisa was a champ, and definitely had her work cut out for her by pulling the boys up hills in the wagon and being in charge of the candy! Thank you Biz and Ryan for entrusting me with your family photo session, and I hope you cherish these photos for years to come!

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