Hamburg Engagement Session

Hi everyone! If you have been following along my blog for the past several months, you will know how busy this fall has been! Many of you know, before I moved to upstate NY, I lived in Allentown, PA. When I was in nursing school, I worked at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem. I met so many amazing people at that hospital, including Gabby. I did wedding photos for her and her husband, which you can view here if you missed that post. Another nurse I had the pleasure of working with was Lisa. She is a rockstar. Her favorite shift is 3 AM-3 PM. I remember struggling to get through my 12 hour night-shift, and she would come in at 2:45 AM, all chipper and ready for her long day. I still do not know how anyone loves working that shift, but I’m glad that there are Lisa’s out there who enjoy those hours!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, her son Ethan reached out to me for photos. Him and his fiance Gwen, were looking to do a combined Engagement/Family session at Hawk Mountain in PA. This was a special location for them, and they were hoping to capture some photos there. Thankfully, Hawk Mountain is about 45 minutes away from my parents house, so I was able to combine the trip with a visit to see my family. And let me tell you, it was so worth it! While the previous week had been rainy and dreary, this particular Monday happened to be warm and perfectly sunny, which always makes for some awesome golden hour photos.

Gwen’s two boys came along to the session, and were a perfect addition to this already magical session! Ethan is so loved by them, and I can just tell he will fit right into his role of step-dad. Additionally, everyone came dressed to impressed! I always tell people that if you go through all the hard work of scheduling a session, you may as well go through the effort of dressing really nice, so you end up loving how you look in the photos. And not only did they dress to impress, but Gwen and Ethan brought a second outfit, which was the perfect way to capture golden hour at the end of the session. Gwen and Ethan, it was so nice to meet you and your family, and I hope you cherish these photos for years to come!



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