Pine Hollow Arboretum Family Session

Happy Wednesday friends! So I normally do not post two blog posts in the same week, let alone one day apart. But I’ve had so many awesome sessions lately, that I could not want to wait to share! A few months ago, Brittany reached out about scheduling a family session. But due to the craziness of life and both of our busy schedules, we did not get the session on the calendar until September. And then, yes you guessed it, it rained and we had to re-schedule. But finally, one Wednesday evening, we were finally able to meet up!

Brittany is awesome. Not only is she mom to two of the cutest boys, she is also an ICU nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital. Her husband Caleb teaches classes at Suny. Their two boys, Levi and Gabe, are definitely two of the most adorable boys I have ever met! Levi is a bundle of energy, with so much to say and not enough time to say it. Gabe on the other hand, is quiet and sweet, content to hang in the background. But the true MVP of the session was Grandma, who rewarded the boys with candy corn throughout the session. Does anyone else wish it was socially acceptable to have someone cheer you on throughout your work day and reward you with candy, or is it just me?!

Anyway, everything about this session was magical, except for the fact that it was muggy, buggy, and humid! Barton family, you guys were troopers and not once did I hear you complain! It was a joy getting to know you, and also a joy to explore The Pine Hollow Arboretum. Thank you for making my job so easy and being so flexible! I hope you cherish these photos for years to come!

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