Ocean Grove Family Session

Every year, it has been a tradition that the Waterman girls have a day where we all get together to do something fun. Over the years we have gone out to dinner, gone on scavenger hunts, and have had movie nights together. But in recent years, it has been tradition to pick a day to drive down to one of the New Jersey beaches for the day. As our family is rapidly expanding, it is difficult for all of us to be together. My older brother Matt got married in January, which was the last time the Waterman girls had all been together. So thanks to some group texting and planning, it was decided that August 12, 2020 would be the annual women Waterman day. Since most of us are considered grown adults by now, you would think that one of us would have checked the weather. The 30% chance of rain that I saw on the weather a few days prior, was not concerning to me as I was convinced that if it did rain, that it would pass quickly. Boy, was I wrong.

Since I had to travel the farther that day, I arrived last. I was so excited to set up my beach chair and spend a few hours soaking up the sun and playing in the water with my younger sisters. But I guess the Lord had other plans. I had not even been in the water for 10 minutes, when these nasty storm clouds started to quickly approach. Assured it was going to pass, I sat in my beach chair and enjoyed my Wawa hoagie-especially since NY does not have Wawa. But within the next few minutes, I realized that this storm may be more threatening than I had originally thought. We decided to retreat to the cars-and just in time-and wait it out. As the minutes slowly passed, one of the girls suggested we go to the mall to wait the storm out. I will spare you the details of the stressful car-ride, but eventually we found ourselves in Target. After thoroughly checking out everything in the store and after we grabbed some starbucks, we decided to head back to the beach to see what the weather had done while we were gone.

Long-story short, we spend the afternoon playing spikeball and frisbee in the parking lot, which it continued to thunder, but not rain. You can imagine our excitement when it finally stopped raining and we were able to go back in the water at 5 pm. The water chilled us to our bones. Next, we enjoyed some pizza on the sand, while trying to protect our precious food from the seagulls. While the day was quickly drawing to a close, we had to make time for a photoshoot. Photography friends, you may know that cloudy weather is actually the best light for a session! The sun peeked out for a few minutes during our photoshoot, but we were able to get some awesome photos on the beach! Shout-out to the random stranger who willingly took the camera so we could get a picture of all of us together! For those of you who read through this very long story, congratulations, you made it to the end. Enjoy some photos from the day, and stay tuned to see what next year’s Waterman’s Women’s Day entails!


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