Lehighton, PA Engagement Session

It was a beautiful, warm Friday afternoon in the end of September. It was with great excitement, and great exhaustion, that I traveled up north to Lehighton, PA to capture engagement photos of Gabby and Ian. I was in the thick of night shift, and had only slept about 3 hours since Wednesday night. But the weather was perfect, and it would take a lot more than lack of sleep to stop me from shooting these engagement photos. I have known Gabby since the first day of our orientation at St. Luke’s to become Patient Care Assistants, or PCAs. After that, we worked on the same unit for 2.5 years, while attending St. Luke’s School of Nursing to become Registered Nurses. We graduated together, and then proceeded to continue to work on the same unit, P7 for 6 months. Let me just say that it was a very bittersweet day when I left St. Luke’s to move to upstate NY.

I have not known Ian for as long, but I realized very quickly that he was the perfect match for Ian. Ladies, let me just say, find yourself a man that looks at you the way Ian looks at Gabby. These two got engaged on a very hot, summer day at Longwood Gardens. Not long after, Gabby asked me if I wanted to be her photographer, not only for engagement photos, but also for wedding photos. She barely finished asking me before I excitingly said yes. I love shooting weddings and engagement sessions, but I especially love doing it for friends and those I am close to.

The engagement session could not have gone any better, which I was relieved considering the amount of sleep I was running on. But coffee and power naps are a beautiful thing. Everything about Gabby and Ian’s engagement session was magical! They followed the style guide that I sent them, and their outfits were awesome! Additionally, the terrain reminded me of a Arizona desert, which we do not see much of in all of the green of PA. And to top it off, we got some AMAZING golden hour glow!! And they even brought their dog Doug at the end to get in on some of the action. Gabby and Ian, I am so excited for you two to become one, and look forward to capturing some magic on your wedding day.

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