Allentown Family Session

Happy Tuesday friends! Since the Lehigh Valley is getting a dumping of snow today, I figured it would be the perfect time to share this snow session on the blog today. Back in November, Allentown got around 8 inches of snow. Thankfully, I was off work that day, as the roads ended up getting really bad. With having the day off, I decided to drag my sisters out into the snow for a photo session! I have 4 sisters, but only two of them were home that day. So, despite the cold, Rebekah and Hannah trekked into the white tundra with their crazy older sister!

For those of you who know me well, know I hate the cold. I am ALWAYS cold, summer or winter-except maybe when I’m going for a run and it’s 100 degrees outside. Like, I’m contemplating carrying a blanket in my purse for “emergencies”, aka when I’m always cold. So, to willingly go out into the cold without a coat on and take photos, takes a lot of self-discipline. But every time I go out in the cold, whether for a run or a photoshoot, it always ends up being worth it. Check out my other winter portrait sessions with my sisters on the blog.

My sister Hannah, is 15 and is my twin. She loves coffee-even though she’s not allowed to drink it- loves makeup, hanging out with friends, and enjoys being the life of the party. My sister Rebekah, is 18 and while similar to me, is also very different. Rebekah would be totally content to live on a farm and garden all day. I am so grateful to call both of these girls friends, and I am so excited to continue to make memories with them!



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