Allentown, PA Family Session

“Buzz buzz, buzz buzz, buzz buzz..” As I laid in my warm bed, under the covers, I could hear the annoying sound of my phone going off. Groaning, I rolled out of bed to look at what all the “buzz” was about. My grumpy feelings, quickly turned to joy as I realized, St. Luke’s School of Nursing was closing for the day. Due to the snow, we were getting a snow day! Ecstatically, I jumped back into bed, and slept for another 2 hours. When I awoke, it looked like a winter-wonderland outside my window. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not like the cold or the snow, but when it means a day off, I quickly become a fan.

To most people, a snow day means sleeping in, staying in pjs all day, and catching up on studying/homework/chores around the house. To me, it means, dragging my sisters into the 15 degree morning for a snow photoshoot. Thankfully, I have beautiful sisters that jump at any opportunity to have their picture taken. After about a half an hour of arguing over what sweater to wear and what shoes to wear, my sisters and I ran out the door, and trudged about a 1/2 mile down the road, to the spot that I knew would be perfect for the shoot today!

Just 7 months ago, I took two of my sisters to downtown Bethlehem for a photoshoot. Since then, they both have grown like weeds, and my sister Hannah who is 14, is now as tall as me! What a wonderful excuse to leave all my studying behind and bond with my sisters for a few hours.

Disclaimer: this was not as glamorous as it looked. The snow and wind chill had us throwing on our coats in between photos, and trying to look cute in every photo, instead of frozen to death, like we actually felt. What a wonderful feeling when we returned home, snuggled under the blanket with hot cocoa, and looked at photos that we will treasure for years! Here are just a few of the many favorites from this snowy session!


  1. Kyra says:

    This is adorable! Xoxoxox Kyra

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