Lehigh Parkway Portrait Session

Happy November friends! I can’t believe that the Christmas countdown has begun-even though I have been listening to Christmas music since October. But as excited I am for Christmas, I am LOVING this fall weather! I wish I could lay out in my hammock every day under the fall leaves. But sadly I am spending most of my time buried in my nursing textbooks. The countdown until I am a registered nurse is getting real! The end is in sight!

But despite being extra busy this semester, I have been blessed with amazing friends like Darby! I met Darby several years ago when we both worked at Victory Valley Camp. Now we are both on the path to be nurses. Darby currently works at Chick-fil-A and is working on her pre-reqs for nursing school. Darby, you will make a fantastic nurse. You are kind, caring, patient, hard-working, and nurturing. I am excited to see how God continues to use you and lead you!

Also, I have to brag on Darby for a minute. Not only did she “dress to impress” but she did so in 40 degree weather. She also willingly did every ridiculous thing I asked her to do without complaining once during the entire session! Also, she did not complain even when we did not have that perfect golden hour lighting (sadly the clouds rolled in and hid the sunset). Darby, I can not wait to do a couple’s session later this month with you and your boyfriend! If this session was any evidence, I have NO DOUBT the session will be amazing! Stay tuned friends!

  1. Shelly Pender says:

    Beautiful young lady, inside and out! Thank you, Liz for capturing her beautiful personality! You did an amazing job with her photo shoot! She is blessed by your friendship too☺️!

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