Bethlehem, PA Wedding

The smell of hairspray wafted through the hallway as I approached the hotel room. As I entered, I could hear the sound of laughter and giggling. Hanging in the doorway was the gorgeous wedding dress that April would soon put on to walk down the aisle to her groom. There are so many beautiful things about a wedding day, but the bride, dress, and rings are some of the most beautiful parts of a wedding day!

Most brides are using every last minute before the wedding to quick fix their hair, makeup, or the dress. Time runs out very quickly. Not for April. The pre-ceremony time was one of the least stressful times of any wedding I’ve been a part of. You could hear the nervous excitement in her voice as the wedding quickly approached, but April, I am so proud of how on time you were the whole day! You arrived at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church with time to spare!

One thing I will not forget is when I was talking with you and your husband after the wedding, April. Prior to the wedding, you had voiced how important it was that he not see you until you walk down the aisle. Your groom said “I just could not wait to see you. It was so worth the wait. When you walked through that door I was like, ‘She is all mine!’ Even though I had only just met you both that day, I could see the intention and the love that will carry the two of you through this marriage! You have both been through so much, and yet your wedding day proclaimed God’s faithfulness! Thank you both for being an example of the kind of marriage I hope to have some day! Here are just a few of my favorite shots from that big day!


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