Silver Creek Country Club Wedding


He stood facing her at the alter. Palms sweaty, Darrell prepared to say some of the most precious words to the love of his life. Danielle. The woman who was about to become his forever bride. The audience was so captivated that the only sound you could hear was the crinkling of the paper, the bridesmaids dresses blowing in the light breeze, and every once in a while, the sound of a gold club hitting a golf ball. Time felt like it stopped, and all the tear-filled eyes of the audience were on the bride and groom.

I wish I memorized the vows exchanged between Danielle and Darrell at the Silver Creek Country Club Wedding back on October 6, 2017. I have attended a lot of weddings, but never have I felt such raw love and passion in wedding vows before! I found myself holding back tears, captivated by the vows of two people who I had just met a few weeks before. Danielle and Darrell, your wedding was beautiful, lively, and fun, but my favorite part was definitely when you exchanged vows, right before you were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Singles!

One thing that was evident throughout the entire day is the love you two have for others. Not only have you both impacted the lives of your family and friends, but you have impacted the lives of your community and those you interact with on a daily basis. Darrell, thank you for your constant sacrifice as a volunteer fire fighter. I can only imagine the sacrifices you daily make to serve and help others! Thank you Danielle, for being so supportive of Darrell as he fights fires and saves lives.

Keep serving others and I am praying that your marriage will thrive, even throughout the different fires of life. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Thank you also to Cozze Cakes for the amazing, delicious cake! Thank you also Phoebe Floral, Weis, and Sam’s Club for the gorgeous flowers that added an extra element of beauty to Mr. and Mrs. Singles amazing day!

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