Sleepy Hollow Engagement Session

The wind was blowing. The sun was setting. The birds were chirping. The perfect evening for an engagement session.

Earlier in the day dark storm clouds rolled through, making me nervous the skies were going to let loose during Katie and Kyle’s Engagement Session. But the weather could not have been more perfect.

Katie and Kyle met how most people do: in their college calculus class. Just kidding! When I took calculus, it was not in college, and I was soley focused on passing the class. But class together one semester was enough for sparks to fly between these two!

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie a few years ago. Katie is also a registered nurse, and we worked together in the step-down ICU at Albany Medical Center. It was a challenging environment, but one where you relied on your fellow coworkers to get through some long 12+ hour shifts. Katie now works as a nurse at a MS and Headache Center in Albany, NY. She is on track to become a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2023!

After Katie and Kyle booked me for their 2023 Lake George Wedding, it was time to schedule their engagement session! Sticking with a lake-side theme, we decided to do photos at Sleepy Hollow Lake, since Katie’s parents have a house on the water. Additionally, Katie’s parents own a boat, which was an amazing touch to an already magical session!

Katie and Kyle, you two are naturals in front of the camera! If you both decided to quit your day jobs and take up modeling, you would be wildly successful. It was so fun touring Sleepy Hollow Lake with you both, and I am beyond excited to capture your magical Lake George Wedding next year!

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