Pennsburg Family Session

Happy Tuesday friends! It’s hard to believe that we are already almost a month into 2022! Maybe one of these days I will actually write 2022 instead of 2021! Anyway, winter can feel slow and long. The cold seems forever, and there seems to be more hours of darkness than light. But one thing I do love about winter is how cozy everything feels! Cups of coffee feel extra cozy, blankets feel extra cozy, and sleeping in feels extra cozy. One of my favorite things to do during these cold winter months is capture cozy, at-home, family sessions! And what better excuse to shoot an at-home family session, than my brand new nephew Micaiah!

Almost five years ago, I had the privilege of becoming an aunt for the first time! And let me tell you, each time I become an aunt again, it’s just as special as it was the first time! I am convinced that my sister is a super mom. I have always thought that through each of her pregnancies, but this one she seemed the strongest. If you follow me on the blog, you may remember at the beginning of December that I captured maternity photos of my sister and her husband. From that day, until almost a month later, my sister was having contractions. So I’m a nurse, but I never realized that someone could literally have contractions for weeks. But Abby did. Each day we thought, this will be the day she will give birth, but the days dragged on.

Two days before my nephew was born, we saw Abby and Josh. I do not think in all of my days that I have seen Abby so uncomfortable. Yet she selflessly thought about those around her, and even dragged her whole family to my parents house so they could see us. Thankfully, a few days and pushes later, Micaiah Israel was born! He is the perfect addition to an already beautiful family! And I definitely think he takes after Josh’s side of the family, as he is very calm. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture the many stages of my sister and her family! Enjoy some of my favorites from this cozy session!

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