Ocean Grove Senior Session

Happy Wednesday friends! So this past Saturday, I had the joyous opportunity of capturing senior photos of my younger sister, Hannah! For anyone who knows me, or Hannah, people refer to her as my twin. Not only do we look alike, but we have very similar personalities. I always describe Hannah as the younger version of me, just with more energy! Hannah is spunky, kind, caring, and seems to have an endless tank of energy! One very cool and unique thing about her is she has two different color eyes. Her right eye is a combo of brown and blue, and her left eye is blue.

Hannah is entering her senior year of high-school. Currently, she works at Wegmans. She is a natural, and you would never guess she’s only been working there for nine months. Up until a year ago, her plan was to go to nursing school, just like her two older sisters. But after quickly moving up in Wegmans, and even being offered a job with corporate after high-school, she has decided to pursue business. Her plan is to get an Associate’s Degree in Business at the local community college.  Thanks to dual enrollment, she will be doing college classes in the her last year of high-school.

Every year, we do a beach day with all the sisters and our mom. Sadly, everyone couldn’t make it this year. But the weather was fantastic and so was the water! So after a full day of sun-bathing and body-surfing the waves, we all got glammed up to do some sunset beach photos. What is hard to notice in theses photos, is that the beach was still filled with hundreds of people at 7 pm. Additionally, the light was very harsh, until about 15 minutes before the sunset. So anyway, without further ado, enjoy these beachside senior photos of my gorgeous younger sister!

Sarah is the reflector queen! She allowed us to get great shots in harsh light surrounded by hundreds of people!

Snuck some photos in with the sister-in-law!

As her older sister, I had to jump in a few photos..literally!

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