Pennsburg Family Session

March 22, 2019 was one of the most awesome days of 2019. Friday the 22, was the last day of my preceptorship-aka my last day ever as a nursing student on the clinical unit. It also was the day my older sister got admitted to the hospital, conveniently the same hospital that I was finishing my career as a nursing student. After finishing my responsibilities down in the ICU, where I had spent the last month of my nursing school career, I rushed upstairs to the Labor and Delivery unit. Upon arriving,  my sister and her husband Josh were with a L&D nurse who was doing her admission paperwork and questions.

After spending an hour with them, I realized that this was it. My sister was going to have this baby. Trying not to outwear my welcome, I said goodbye and left the hospital full of emotions. I left the hospital full of the bittersweet reality that I would never again wear scrubs that said St. Luke’s School of Nursing. Also realizing that the next time I saw my sister, I would get to meet my sweet niece! Prior to going to sleep that night, I texted my sister for an update. Things were going well, but I was convinced it would at least be another 12+ hours until this sweet baby girl arrived. But I was wrong. Around 3 A.M on March 23, Selah Joy Rice made her presence into the world. I may be biased, but she is practically perfect in every way!

A few days later, I had the pleasure of going to the Rice home. I got to meet and hold my precious niece, and also got to capture a few photos of this brand new family of four! Despite not feeling well, my sister was a champ and did not complain once during the session. And Selah, if you are as photogenic as you were during your newborn session, my photography friends will be seeing a lot more of you in the future! Anyway, I could go on and on about my adorable nephew and niece, but instead I’ll let you enjoy these photos from their family session! Stay tuned for lots more of this beautiful family in the future!




  1. Melissa Adams says:

    Such a sweet family and Selah is so pretty and looks like she’s going to be a happy girl like her Mama. Love these pics. Praise God for such a precious gift!!

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