Lock Ridge Park Family Session

Easter was extra special this year for the Waterman family! This was the first year we got to spend it with Elijah Zion! Last year, he was snug inside his mommy, while we all eagerly awaited his arrival. Fast forward a year, and this little guy is 8 months old! Boy does time really fly.

For those of you who may not know, Elijah Zion is my first and only nephew at the moment. Even though he is part of a big family-he has 8 uncles and 5 aunts-he is quite the introverted little guy. He tends to get overwhelmed by a lot of people, and will start crying if mom is out of sight. He LOVES to eat, loves to play with his toys, and loves to read books. I have even gotten him to enjoy making coffee and listening to Taylor Swift with me!

For those of you who live in PA, you understand the struggle we have had this year with the weather. So much snow, and so much cold…as I’m writing this, there is snow on the ground and it is April 2. But thankfully, Saturday was a beautiful day! Partly cloudy with a high of 60 degrees, made it a perfect day to capture a few photos of this gorgeous family!

Even though all children are special and loved, Elijah, I feel like you are VERY loved. Your mommy and daddy had a hard time getting pregnant, and mourn the loss of two miscarriages. So when your mommy told us the good news in Christmas of 2016, we were all ecstatic, but a little hesitant. Never have I prayed so hard for you to be healthy and make it full term! Praise the Lord you did, even though you had to spend a little bit of time in the NICU. Each and every day we get to spend with you is a gift! You bring so much joy to your mommy and daddy, and especially to your Aunt Liz! We love you little bud!


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    Love these! so beautiful!

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