New York City Portrait Session

Yesterday, February 21, the temperature was a high of 78 degrees. For those of you who live in PA, you all know this is a rare occasion. As the fog began to clear early yesterday morning, Gretchen, Vincent, Hannah and I, embarked on our journey to New York City for the day. We planned to go to the city for the day, not really knowing how beautiful of a day it would turn out to be. We started off the day by taking the ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan. Most tourists visit NYC to see Time’s Square, the Rockefeller Center, and other popular tourist attractions. Although we did take a pit stop in Time’s Square, we spent the majority of the day exploring Central Park! We laid on rocks soaking up the sun, visited a cute coffee shop, and walked all of Central Park. We could not have asked for a better day!

Many of you also know, that Gretchen and I are in Nursing School full-time. Although day adventures are always enjoyable, we are treasuring the days off we can explore, because they are few and far between with studying, classes, and work. Hannah, who I have been friends with since 2012, is a full-time nurse in the Trauma Neuro ICU. So proud of you Hannah! And Vincent, Gretchen’s boyfriend, does construction. He will be pursing a degree as a mechanic in April of this year, Lord-willing!

And of course a day away would not be complete without a spontaneous photo-shoot. Here are just a few of my favorite photos that I took yesterday. Photo credit also goes towards Gretchen and Hannah. For those of you who have not been, I would encourage you to take a day, or many, to explore New York City. Even though the city life is not for me, I always enjoy going for the day! Happy almost-spring everyone!

Thanks for visiting, friends!

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