The Best of 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As we near the end of 2017, I always like to take some time and reflect on the past year! While it was a hard year in many ways, it also was a great year! The following are just a few of the exciting things that happened this past year: My brother got engaged, my first nephew was born, I started nursing school, I went to Young Life Camp with over 30 girls from Freedom High School, my best friend got married (and one of my other best friends gets married next week), I started working at the hospital, and my Dad turned 50! From a photography perspective, a lot of exciting things also happened! I shot 5 weddings, 4 engagement sessions, 9 portrait sessions, and 10 family sessions. I created a brand new website, took 3 photography courses, and have grown in many ways as a photographer.

As we embark on this upcoming year, set goals, but also reflect on what God has done in your life the past year! It is easy to become frustrated and discontent with what we do not have, instead of joyfully praising the Lord for what He has blessed us with!

One thing I am forever thankful for are my friends. God has blessed me with so many genuine, true friends, who would do anything for me! Life tip, find yourself a set of like-minded friends who will tell you the truth, even when you do not necessarily want to hear it! Also, make sure they are okay with having some fun, because life is too short without making everything an adventure!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from this past year! Thank you to EVERYONE who trusted me enough to take your photos, and be apart of many special days! It has been a blessing getting to spend time and get to know each and every one of you! Happy New Year! I am excited to see what God has in store for the year 2018!

That’s a wrap friends! Thanks so much for joining me this year! Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts come 2018!

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