Quakertown, PA Newborn Session

If any of you know me whatsoever, you would be able to tell others how my life drastically changed on July 22, 2017, around 9 P.M. Just a few hours prior I had returned home, after a week in the Adirondack mountains with 75 high school kids. Exhausted and smelly, I unexpectedly got word that my sister was going in for an emergency C-section! I was going to be an aunt! Elijah Zion Rice was not due for 3 more weeks, so this phone call was slightly unexpected! About 12 hours later, I traveled to the hospital to see the precious little boy who is my nephew!

Above is a photo of Elijah when he was 4 lbs, 10 oz, and in the NICU.

Each baby is precious in God’s sight, but this baby is extra special! My sister and her husband lost two precious children due to miscarriages. So to say that Elijah was well prayed for the past year, is an understatement!

Now 2 months old, Elijah Zion is 10 lbs and loves to eat, sleep, and he especially loves when daddy comes home from work at the end of the day! He gets grumpy when he misses his morning nap, and we are still working on him loving Aunt Liz as much as mommy!

Here are just a few photos that I have been able to capture the past two months! I thought I knew what love was, until I saw Elijah for the first time! I can not even imagine having my own kids, and what that love will feel like! The feeling of being a first-time aunt is indescribable!


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