I am a mom, wife, registered nurse, and professional photographer. I have been in the industry for over 8 years, but rebranded in 2019 when I married the love of my life. We met online, got married a year later, and moved from PA to Upstate, NY.

Since our wedding in 2019, we survived the pandemic, bought a house, both endured health struggles, got a puppy, and had a baby. Our life has been full, joyful, and adventurous. Marriage is one of the greatest gifts, and is part of why I love wedding photography. Your wedding day is just the beginning to a lifetime of adventure with your best friend.

Right now, most of my days are spent caring for our nine-month-old son Oliver. In my free time, I enjoy working out, spending time with family, going for walks, and drinking coffee. Keep scrolling to learn more about me and my family. 

Hi, I'm Liz!

My boo
Oliver James

3 things I can't live without:

My husband and I aren't "picture-people" by any means, but Liz made us feel comfortable and confident. The photos came out absolutely stunning!
-Rebecca S.

After I purchased my first camera, I started taking pictures. Of everything. I started off taking pictures of flowers, trees, leaves, and nature. Then I realized I had the best test subjects with 7 younger siblings, so we went out in every season for photo shoots. Of course my sisters were more willing to be in photos than my brothers...

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I shot my first wedding in the August heat. I had just graduated from high-school a few months earlier.  I wore a bright pink shirt, and let's just say my dress code has improved since then. 

I signed up for a free photography webinar hosted by Amy and Jordan Demos. I then purchased their Shooting and Editing Course, and officially started investing in photography education. Additionally, I graduated community college with my Associates in Applied Science. 

I purchased Amy and Jordan's Posing Course and Business Course. I continued to fall more in love with photography and shot five weddings that year. I started nursing school that August. 

My focus was on nursing school most of that year, but I shot three weddings and continued to practice photography. I started online dating and met my future husband in November.   

Graduated nursing school in April. Started working as a RN that summer. Got engaged July 18. Married the love of my life on November 16. After a brief honeymoon to Florida, I moved from PA to Upstate, NY. I shot one wedding. Changed my business name from Liz Waterman Photography to Diewald Photography. 

I shot my brother's wedding in January. Life got interesting in March when COVID-19 hit. My May wedding got canceled due to the pandemic, and my main focus was on surviving being a RN in the midst of a global pandemic. Started working on my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree. We bought our first home in December and moved in right before Christmas. 

Got diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the end of February, and had surgery in March. Read all about my journey here. Finished my BSN the week I finished cancer treatment. Shot three weddings, second shot one, and associate shot one wedding. Got a puppy! 

Shot 5 of my own weddings, and second shot six weddings. Participated in two content days/styled shoots. Found out I was pregnant in October! 

Shot 4 of my own weddings, and second shot  7 weddings. Invested in mentoring and participated in a styled shoot/content day. Gave birth to Oliver James Diewald on June 23, and spent the summer on maternity leave. Changed my business name to Liz Diewald Photography.

Getting married in 2024 or 2025? I would love to be a part of your love-story! Very limited availability for 2024 weddings. Now booking 2025 weddings.
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"Liz did a phenomenal job on our wedding photos! We love them!"
-Steve and Jeni